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Natural Fibre Drink Nett : 225g (15g per sachet)
Product Classified As Food Under Food Act

This product will gives your all of this benefits;


- Increase the immune system
- Helps to keep good digestion system.
- Optimize the function of the intesntine by having a balance of microflora.
- Treating diarrhea
- Reduce the bad kolestrol serum and diabetes.
- Helps to absorb nutrient perfectly.
- Clean the blood from toxint that cause by hazardous bacteria.
- Helps to reduce body weight
- It will helps to prevent constipation and increase the intestine movement.


Virgin Coconut Oil - The Story
Everything you need to know about the VCO.
"Never before in the history of man is it so important to emphasize the value of Lauric Oils. The medium chain fats in coconut oil are similar to fats in mother's milk and have similar nutriceutical effects."
Jon J. Kabara, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University








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