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Collagen enriched with Vitamin C 15 Sachets / 3g each
Product Classified As Food Under Food Act

Catalyst Collagen improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, reducing wrinkles and laughter lines and is a powerful long term anti-ageing protein. Regular consumption of collagen capsules will assist in the production of firmer and even toned skin along with a glowing and more radiant complexion.

A reduction or lack of this element in the body means that repairs cannot be done as they were when we were younger and only life maintaining renewal takes place; then the older we get even less of the essential repairs are neglected leaving us with what could be called the disease of ageing. It is also important to note that no matter what your age, if you do not have enough collagen your skin will age, as without a supply of collagen no anti-ageing formula will work successfully.






MYRO*PLUS : Special formula for anti ageing and anti oxidant 15 Sachets / 25g each
Product Classified As Food Under Food Act

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