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Femme Vita

This blackcurrant flavoured product will helps to overcome the internal problem of women and providing maximun satisfaction towards the user for their sexual life. It is specially formulated with a combination of herbs just to make sure the ladies healthy and always have the energy.






Fruity flavored supplement is especially produced to helps to overcome the period pain that all of the women always had to feel. It is a supplement that is not contain any drugs and helps to ease the pain. It also cleanses and nourishes the vaginal area.











What user says about our product?
    • Mrs. Mahani Ibrahim / Alor Setar, Kedah
    • Losses 12kg in 2 months
    • Product: VCO001 : Virgin Coconut Oil - in softgel capsules

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    "Saya memperolehi berat badan yang lebih baik dengan melepasi tahap obesiti dslkfas, lds;dsls;"


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